The Parable Studio

Your need for quality Christian audio products and our passion for excellence in Christian Audio production just met. Perhaps, we should too...

Hello and welcome to The Parable Studio. We are a full
service spoken word audio studio. That means we tell stories. In fact, we tell the best stories. Stories of faith and hope and life.
And we tell them in the greatest theatre in the world: your mind.

If you dream of an audio version of your self-published book,
entertain the idea of hiring us. If you are a Christian radio
station in search of meaningful special programming, entertain
the idea of one of our full audio theater productions. If you are short on time but longing for a closer relationship with God through a stronger devotional life, entertain our Devo to Go devotional series.

If you are in the market for a new and exciting Sunday school curriculum
for the children in your church, entertain the thought of our
Pier J audio series. Here is a sample:

If you believe that the Gospel message is needed in our fast paced society and presented in a way that makes it easily accessible - we need to meet. We are
The Parable Studio and we offer
faith in an entertaining way so others might begin...

...Entertaining Faith