The Parable Studio

Have you ever thought your Christian self- published book could reach more people as an audio book?

...If so, we should meet.

At The Parable Studio we want to work with you to realize your vision.

Your book will be read by a professional voice over artist who is selected to enhance the style of your book. The finished product will be of the highest audio quality. We use state of the art recording and editing equipment to insure your audio book, just as your original work, speaks to your audience with clarity and heart.

We will record your original self-published Christian book and deliver it to you as a digital download or, if you prefer, as a set of master quality CD's. Either way you will have the flexibility to choose your own audio duplication, packaging and graphic design providers. This gives you the freedom to obtain these services in your own time from local suppliers.

We can't wait to help make your dream a reality. Contact us at for more information. You have a good vision and a great message. Let’s meet and get that message to more people.

Would you like to hear a sample? Here is a portion of the prologue of
Something Stirs by Thomas Smith.

Music by Kevin MacLeod.
Something Stirs Copyright 2011 by Thomas Smith