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Are you longing to spend more time with God in devotion and study – but there isn’t enough time in your hectic day?

...We should meet.

DEVO TO GO is the solution we at The Parable Studio are happy to offer. These are a series of devotions, scriptures, stories and prayers in a CD or downloadable format that will travel with you throughout your day.

In your car as you commute to and from work – just pop in the DEVO TO GO disk and start or finish your commute feeling the calm that only comes from time with God – even in rush hour.

At work or school or around the house doing chores – just a few minutes of DEVO TO GO on your MP3 player will draw you closer to Christ. Can you think of a better way to enhance your day?

We can’t give you more time but we can give you thought provoking, life affirming, faith building devotions you can take with you where ever you go. With DEVO TO GO we help you find time for God – anytime.

If this sounds like a good option for sustaining your spirit we should meet. Sample a
DEVO TO GO here.

To download your Devo to Go, simply click on the donate button. We ask you to make a donation to cover the cost of production - usually between $0.33-2.00. We are
not a non-profit organization - we pay taxes (you know - render unto Caesar…). You will then receive a zip file that can be automatically opened and saved!

If you want the entire volume (for a suggested $10 donation) - just go to the bottom of the page!

Music by Kevin MacLeod.

Volume One

Volume Two

73 in a 55 – An encounter with the police gives Jack moving and compelling insight into self-centeredness instead of a moving violation.
Very Special Olympians – A joyous story of uplifting compassion.

Size is Not Everything – A trucker and a geek offers us a funny look at life’s twists and turns.
A Correct Assumption – We all fall short of who God calls us to be. Here is a humorous reminder to strive to keep the faith.
The Seven Wonders - A young girl’s geography project teaches a lesson in God’s greatest gifts for each of us.
Don’t We All – A powerful message about our need for God and each other.
Big Trouble - Two brothers learn the value of a good reputation in this fun cautionary tale.
Unexpected Results – God sees through our pretentions even when we don’t. Often that is scary - sometimes it is funny.
An Hour of Time - Most of us go and do and rush through our busy days. This thought provoking father and son story asks us “is it worth it?”
What Do You See? – Two men sharing a hospital room help us see that a good attitude makes all the difference.
The Story of Phillip – God’s promise of eternal life begins with our physical death. The children of a Sunday school class teach us the meaning of the resurrection in this moving and uplifting story.
My Resignation – We all get fed up with adult problems - here is a cheerful declaration of dependence on the faith of a child in our daily lives.
The BC Story - Two very different people, two letters, and one big misunderstanding have hilarious consequences. This story reminds us that to be effective we all need to be on the same page … or at least in the same campground.
The Empty Chair – An empty chair brings about a full and meaningful prayer life in this story with a twist.
Just a Few Drops - A drought, a deer, and a dear child of God show us the meaning of faithful service – and its rewards.
Generosity – A quick story reminding us that giving is not a chore or burden - it’s a gift and a joy!
Ellen – An honest and honestly funny story about patience from a frazzled mother and a stranger.
The Son – This powerful tale reminds us in a touching way that all you need is love.
The Alphabet Prayer - We all instinctively know how to pray, we just need to be reminded now and then. This poignant moment with a young shepherd boy is a great reminder.
True Happiness – A dish of truth about what we really need to be happy and fulfilled.
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Order the Entire Series
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