The Parable Studio

Are you longing to spend more time with God in devotion and study – but there isn’t enough time in your hectic day?

Devo to Go is a series of audio devotions for people on the move. Here are a few vignettes designed to move you...

Seventy-Three in a Fifty-Five – Why is it we get mad at the policeman when we get stopped for speeding? Jack gets a moving and compelling insight instead of a moving violation.

Size is Not Everything – A trucker and a geek offers us a funny look at life’s twists and turns.

The Seven Wonders of the World - A young girl’s geography project teaches a lesson in God’s greatest gifts for each of us.

Big Trouble - Two brothers learn the value of a good reputation in this fun cautionary tale.

An Hour of Time - Most of us go and do and rush through our busy days. This thought provoking father and son story asks us is it worth it?

The Story of Phillip – God’s promise of eternal life begins with our physical death. The children of a Sunday school class teach us the meaning of the resurrection in this moving and uplifting story.

The BC Story - Two very different people, two letters, and one big misunderstanding have hilarious consequences. This story reminds us that to be effective we all need to be on the same page … or at least in the same campground.

Just a Few Drops - A drought, a deer, and a dear child of God show us the meaning of faithful service – and its rewards.

Ellen – An honest and honestly funny story about patience from a frazzled mother and a stranger.

The Alphabet Prayer - We all instinctively know how to pray, we just need to be reminded now and then. This poignant moment with a young shepherd boy is a great reminder.