The Parable Studio

It all started around a kitchen table...

…with a simple conversation about our entertainment driven society.

God, with his sense of humor and yet another example of his “mysterious ways”, led two theatre professionals, Jim Martz and Paul Smith, down a path neither had ever considered. Sitting at that table with nothing but a couple cups of coffee, a partially eaten pie and the inspirational call of God,
The Parable Studio began.

God and coffee have been good to us. Both are still sitting with us at that table and in the studio and in the car and at the computer and...well you get the idea. As far as the pie? We’re both getting older - it had to go!

Together we have over fifty years of experience in the field of entertainment; 25 years experience in education, five plus years in pastoral ministry and a lifetime in loving God and following Christ.

As you can tell we don’t take ourselves too seriously but we are serious about what we do – bringing stories of faith, hope and the love of God to as many people as we can. Some stories are written by you, some are written by us, but all are meant to share the
greatest story ever told.